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HI, good morning.

I want to redirect to another account the emails that are blacklisted at the email arrival. I want to do this because I dont want to lose some mails that are false positive. of course in the action I check the option redirect to another email account and introduce a correct emails account but nothig arrive to this account. I have a exchange 2003 and a firewall sonicwall. Someone can help me please?

best regards

by José Manuel Mateos 8 years ago

@José Manuel Mateos: according to the configuration file you sent us yesterday, the last checkbox is not checked under Configuration / Filtering - On Arrival / Actions, Actions. So the redirection recipient address is configured, but the "Redirect email to the email address below" option is disabled. You should enable it and save your configuration to get it working.

I am not sure if you applied this change since yesterday, I suggest double-checking this.

Also, make sure all tests are assigned to "On Arrival" (Configuration / Tests / Tests), otherwise emails might get rejected at Before Arrival and will never reach the On Arrival filtering point where the redirection is ought to be triggered.

by Krisztian Fekete (Vamsoft) 8 years ago
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@Krisztian Fekete (Vamsoft): hi,

i put the check "Redirect email to the email address below" and i white a correct email address. the test url blaklist is on arrival by default and when ORF detects a spam by this filter, in the log says redirect but the mail never arrives to the redirected email.

by José Manuel Mateos 8 years ago
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@José Manuel Mateos: Do you have Test mode enabled (Configuration / Global / Miscellaneous) by any chance? If ORF is running in test mode, it will log what it would have done (in this case, redirect the email), but it will not perform the configured action, so blacklisted emails will not be redirected.

by Krisztian Fekete (Vamsoft) 8 years ago
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i have the test mode because I install ORF two weeks ago and I am testing the ORF. But now more or less, i am learning how works the program. you think if i quit the test mode, this emails will be redirect?

by José Manuel Mateos 8 years ago

@José Manuel Mateos: Yes: in "live" mode, all emails blacklisted at On Arrival will be redirected.

by Krisztian Fekete (Vamsoft) 8 years ago
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how to redirect to group or public folder? It is not work!!

by DimAll 6 years ago

@DimAll: ORF supports configuring a single recipient email address only as the target destination when redirecting emails. In case you want to redirect blacklisted emails to a public folder, you will need tag the subject or the header of blacklisted emails in ORF, then create a rule in Exchange (which will be triggered by the tag) to redirect emails to a public folder. Unfortunately, the Exchange Management Console doesn’t allow configuring a mail-enabled public folder as the destination parameter in transport rules, but you can create such rule from PowerShell. See this blog post for examples:

by Krisztián Fekete (Vamsoft) 6 years ago
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