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The first preview release of the ORF 6.7 update is now available for testing!
Visit the beta site to grab the installer and learn more about the next update:

by Greg Pósa (Vamsoft) 2 years ago

Hi Greg,

thanks for the info. There are some nice features in the new beta. :)

I just installed the beta on our two Edge Servers (publisher/subscriber) and wondering, how to release quarantined files from the subscriber when it's configured to be using the subscriber configuration. Will the quarantine be offered as multiple server feature as the logviewer in a later Beta state? As of now it seems that one has set attachment filtering as local feature, right?


by NorbertFe 2 years ago

@NorbertFe: Hello Norbert,

Currently, when the Log Viewer is connected to multiple servers, you will get an error message when you try to resend a quarantined attachment or access the Attachment Quarantine from the Log Viewer. This is going to be solved by the next Beta update, meaning you will be able to manage the quarantined attachments from one spot.

Whether this feature will be implemented in the Administration Tool is still a question, though. In the meantime, as a workaround, I recommend that you configure the Publisher server (and the Subscriber servers too, if they use a local folder) to save the quarantined attachments to a network share. This way you could access and resend any of the quarantined attachments from any of the servers.

We will update the Known Issues section of the Beta landing page with this information. Thank you for bringing this to our attention, and thank you for participating in the Beta :)

by Daniel Novak (Vamsoft) 2 years ago
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Hi Daniel,
thanks for your reply. Sounds great. Networkshare would mean a bit of thinking on my side ;)


by NorbertFe 2 years ago

@Greg Pósa (Vamsoft): I note the log viewer changes for Source IP & Remote Peer IP. Will there be ability to block or whitelist on source IP? If yes, is this separate to the current remote peer IP?

by SteveC 1 year ago
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@SteveC: Hello SteveC,

If the Source IP is available, then you can blacklist/whitelist the IP address (or IP range) via the right-click context menu of the Log Viewer tool (Send... / Quick Send...). Or, you can click the "Send IP or email to list..." icon on the toolbar while the relevant event record is selected.

by Daniel Novak (Vamsoft) 1 year ago
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