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The ORF Service is a key component of the ORF software, responsible for filtering, logging and statistical services.

The Role of the ORF Service

The ORF Service provides filtering services for the ORF SMTP Module / ORF Transport Agents and statistics for the ORF Administration Tool. The SMTP Module and the ORF Transport Agents are a lightweight components which integrate with the IIS SMTP Service / Exchange and communicates with the ORF Service. It is the ORF Service which actually performs the filtering.

As the filtering is provided by this component, no filtering is performed when the ORF Service is down.

Service Reinitialization

Any change in the ORF configuration requires the ORF Service to be reinitialized in order to be applied (i.e., the changes you make in the configuration will be ignored until the ORF Service picks them up during reinitialization).

The reinitialization can be triggered by saving the configuration manually after changes have been made in the Administration Tool by clicking the Save icon in the toolbar, or by selecting FileSave Configuration, or by pressing Ctrl + S or by issuing the following command from command line:

orfeesvc -updateconfig
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