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Connect Dialog

General Information

You can connect to the local ORF installation or to remote ORF servers using this dialog.

The dialog can be invoked by clicking the down arrow below the network icon on the upper toolbar, or from the main menu (FileConnect), or from the Connection Startup page by clicking the down arrow of the Connect to... button.

Connect to the local installation

Choose this option if you wish to manage the ORF instance running on the local computer.

Connect to a remote server

By selecting this option, you can connect to a preferred ORF installation.

Set the Remember password checkbox if you do not wish to enter the password each time you connect.

Connect to multiple servers (Log Viewer only)

Choose this option to browse the ORF logs from multiple servers simultaneously.

Click the New button to add a remote server to the list. To modify the connection parameters of an existing server, click Modify. Server definitons can be deleted using the Delete button or the Delete key.

Connection parameters

Remote connections require the server name or IP, the connection port (TCP/6242 by default, example: servername:6242) and the password of the remote server to be entered. In addition, the Remote Access option on the remote server must be enabled. For more information about enabling this, please consult the Remote Access topic.

Change configured proxy settings...

Click the Change Configured Proxy Settings... to change the current proxy settings. For more information, see the Proxy Settings topic.

Save to desktop...

By clicking the Save to desktop... link you can create a shortcut on the desktop, which will launch the tool (from which the dialog was invoked) and automatically connect to the remote server(s) using the connection parameters you specified in the dialog.

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