6.8.3 ORF Online Help
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Loading Log Files

When loading the log files, ORF scans the log path configured for the log files and loads every ORF log file within the age limitation. The loaded log files are processed and displayed in the event log view.

Load/Refresh Log Files

To load/refresh log files, select ViewLoadRefresh Log Files or press F5.

Supported Log Files

The ORF Log Viewer currently supports processing log files generated ORF Enterprise Edition version 1.1.1 or higher. ORF Standard Edition log files and pre-1.1.1 log files are not supported.

ORF Enterprise Edition 1.5 introduced significant changes in the log format, which makes processing logs easier, e.g., the sender and recipient email addresses are logged as separate columns. Pre-1.5 version logs contain less information, so some columns, such as the sender and recipient email address column may be left blank when viewing these old-style logs.

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