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Exporting the Logs

Exporting the logs to CSV format may be useful if you want to process logs by Microsoft® Excel or other software for e.g., statistical purposes.


Select ToolsExport... from the menu and select the log data to be exported from the sub-menu. If connected to a remote installation, you will be prompted where the log should be exported to: the local or the remote file system.

Export all events

Select All Events... from the sub-menu or press CTRL-E. Using this option you can export all log events loaded, regardless of the current filter state or selected events.

Export filtered events only

Select Filtered Events... from the sub-menu or press SHIFT-CTRL-E. When exporting using this option, only the filtered events will be exported, i.e., the events visible in the Event Log View.

Export selected events only

Select Selected Events... from the sub-menu or press CTRL-ALT-E. The export will include the selected events only. To select multiple events, hold the SHIFT key down and select the event range to be exported either by the mouse or by the cursor control keys. Non-continous event ranges can be selected by holding the CTRL key and selecting the event rows by the mouse.

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