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This help section describes the ORF components and their role in the software.

ORF Service

Responsible for filtering emails, generating logs, email notifications and statistics. The filtering logic of ORF resides within this component, which runs as a Windows® Service.
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ORF SMTP Module and ORF Transport Agents

Under IIS, ORF relies on the ORF SMTP Module component to connect the email server to the ORF Service. ORF Transport Agents have the same role under Exchange 2007 and newer Exchange versions. Whenever an email has to be filtered, the SMTP Module/Transport Agent contacts the ORF Service and provides the necessary information for the filtering. On return, the ORF Service directs the component to perform the necessary action, such rejecting the email or passing the control back to the email server to accept the email.
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ORF Administration Tool

Allows GUI administration of the ORF system, including configuration and other management features.
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ORF Log Viewer

The ORF Log Viewer is a tool for browsing, searching, filtering and exporting the log files generated by the ORF Service.
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ORF Reporting Tool

This tool can be used to generate detailed reports about ORF's activity.
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