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Local Bindings

The Local Bindings dialog allows you to configure the interfaces and ports for remote connections, so the ORF instance could be managed remotely and/or the configuration could be synchronized by a remote ORF instance. The dialog can be invoked by clicking the Local Bindings button on the Remote Access page of the Administration Tool (SystemRemote Access).

Local Bindings List

Adding, editing and removing entries

Click the Add button to add an interface/port to the list. To modify an existing interface, click Edit or hit Enter. Items can be deleted using the Remove button or the Delete key.

Local Binding dialog

This dialog is used for adding additional network interfaces and ports to the above list. You can select a specific IP currently assigned to one of your network cards using the IP address dropdown, or select All Interfaces if you want to accept remote connections on all interfaces.

Set the TCP port parameter to specify on which port remote connections are accepted (the default port is 6242).

ORF will prevent the addition of redundant entries, so if you enabled All Interfaces on port 6242 already, it will not allow you to add another interface with the same port settings, as the previous entry already includes the latter.

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