6.8.3 ORF Online Help
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General Information

This help file section contains general information about using the ORF Administration Tool.

Configuration Changes

Any change in the ORF configuration requires the ORF Service to be reinitialized in order to be applied (i.e., the changes you make in the configuration will be ignored until the ORF Service picks them up during reinitialization).

The reinitialization can be triggered by saving the configuration manually after changes have been made in the Administration Tool by clicking the Save icon in the toolbar, or by selecting FileSave Configuration, or by pressing Ctrl + S or by issuing the following command from command line:

orfeesvc -updateconfig

The email filtering is uninterrupted during the reinitialization.

Controlling the ORF Service

To start the ORF Service select ServiceStart ORF Service, or press F11, or click the Start Service button on the toolbar. To stop the service, select ServiceStop ORF Service or press F12, or click the Stop Service button. The ORF Service can be restarted by selecting ServiceRestart ORF Service or by clicking the Restart button.

When the ORF Service is stopped, no filtering is performed by ORF, and remote access is also unavailable. Due to the latter, it is not possible to stop (or start) the ORF Service using the remote access feature (to avoid locking yourself out by stopping the service).

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