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Allowed Hosts and Services

The Allowed Hosts and Services list consists of hosts that may access the currently managed ORF instance remotely and controls the scope of their access. Edit the list by clicking the Allowed IPs button on the Remote Access page of the Administration Tool (SystemRemote Access).

Allowed Host and Services List

Adding, editing and removing entries

Click the Add button to add a host to the list. To modify an existing host definition, click Edit or hit Enter. Definitions can be deleted using the Remove button or the Delete key.

Sorting entries

Click the column header of any column by which you wish to sort the list. To reverse sorting, click the column header again.

Allowed IP Address and Services dialog

Configure the host IP address and the services available for the host in this dialog.

IP address or range

Specify the IP address(es) or range(s) of hosts which are allowed to remotely access ORF. The dialog accepts a single IPv4 address in a dotted format (e.g., or an IPv4 network range. Ranges can be defined using various notations. The examples below all describe the - range.

  • Text range format.
  • Subnet mask format.
  • CIDR format.
  • 192.168.251.*: Wildcard format.


Enter an optional comment here so you can identify the host later.

Allowed services

Three type of access can be specified for each host entry:

Setting Description
Only Remote Administration The specified host can connect to this ORF instance remotely using the management tools of ORF. Such hosts can change the ORF configuration and have full access to the file system.
Only Configuration Synchronization The specified host can retrieve the configuration of this ORF instance for configuration synchronization.
All services Both above services.

Security Warning

Remote Administration grants a wide range of rights, including full access to the local file system. Make sure to grant this service only to hosts and networks you consider absolutely secure.

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