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Printing Reports

Printing a Report

Printing the entire report

Select FilePrint... from the menu or press CTRL+P to print the entire report.

Printing a specific report section

You can limit the printing to a specific section (and subsections) of the report. Click the Print Section Icon icon in the report to print the section or right-click in the Navigation Bar on the given section and select Print Section... from the popup menu displayed.

Page Setup

To change the page setting, select FilePage Setup... from the menu. Please consider that changing the page setup may have effect on other programs. See the Scope of Print Settings section below.

Print Preview

Before printing your report, you can view it as it would appear on the printer.

Print preview for the entire report

Select FilePrint Preview... from the menu for the Print Preview.

Print preview for a specific report section

Right-click in the Navigation Bar on the given section and select Print Section with Preview... from the popup menu displayed.

Scope of Print Settings

The Reporting Tool relies on Microsoft® Internet Explorer engine to display and print the reports. Due to this, changes made to the Page Setup apply to all software using the Internet Explorer engine, including the browser itself and programs like Microsoft® Outlook® and Outlook® Express, just as changes in these programs have effect on the Reporting Tool page setup.

The header and footer settings of the page setup are ignored by the Reporting Tool for the same reason.

Some Internet Explorer settings may have effect on the report printing, e.g., background colors and images may not be printed if your Internet Explorer browser is configured so.

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