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Configure the ORF Log Viewer using the FileTool Settings menu.

Default Settings

The default log file path is determined from the configuration of the ORF instance the Log Viewer is connected to. The default log file age limit is set to 24 hours, i.e., the Log Viewer loads the log files generated in the last 24 hours by default.

Log Settings

Detect the log path automatically

Set this checkbox to detect the path for log files automatically using the configuration file of the ORF instance you are connected to.

Log file path

Set the log file path to the folder where the ORF logs to be processed reside. By clicking the three-dots button or by pressing CTRL-SPACE in the edit box, you can select the path from a folder selection dialog.

The log path cannot be specified in multi-server mode.

Read log files on connecting

Set this checkbox if you want the log files to be loaded automatically when the ORF Log Viewer starts.

Log Age

You can set an optional limit for the maximal age of log files to be processed. The limit can be specified in hours. A few predefined limits can be selected from the menu displayed by the Age Limit button.

No log file age limitation

Set this checkbox if you want all log files to be processed that can be found on the log path. May consume significant memory and processor resources for large log files.

Appearance Tab

Color-code the event view

Set this checkbox to colorize the event view events based on the event severity level.

Customizing the color scheme

Click the Select button for the severity level that you want to customize and select the background and font colors.

Resetting the color scheme

The Reset button restores the default color-code scheme of the ORF Log Viewer. You can select the High-color or the 256-color default profile according to your screen color depth.


Memory Use Considerations

The Log Viewer loads entire log files into the memory. These can grow very large and loading logs may consume significant memory and processor resources.

Use the Log File Age Limit setting to control the maximum number of daily log files to be loaded.

Log file path

Do not configure ORF servers to create logs on a network location. The ORF Service responsible for creating the log files runs under the NetworkService (or LocalService) system account, which has limited/no rights to access the network and this may prevent the ORF Service from creating logs.

Log file age

ORF determines the log file age from the last write time of the log file. Not all file systems update this information properly. If you do not find the expected events to be loaded, either clear the age limitation or load the log files manually.

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