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Recipient Validation Source: Text File

This help section describes the Text File source of the Recipient Validation Test.


Recipient list text file

Select the text file to load the list of valid recipients from. The file is loaded upon initialization, e.g., when you start the ORF Service (see Data Lifetime below for details).

Text File Format

Format specification

The text file source contains the list of valid recipient email addresses (actually, address expressions). Format rules:

  • The file encoding must be ASCII.
  • Recipient expressions must be separated from each other using a CRLF (ASCII code 10, 13) pair, i.e., Windows line terminators.
  • Recipient expressions are interpreted as ORF wildcard email expressions, unless the type of the expression is specified. Available types: ORF Wildcard Email Expression (prefix: ORF) or Regular Expression (prefix: Regexp). To indicate the type, insert the prefix and a single TAB character (ASCII code 9) in front of the expression.


The sample below demonstrates the format. Special characters CR, LF and TAB are marked as <CR>, <LF> and <TAB>. In actual files, these must be replaced with the character they represent.

Recipient Validation Text File Sample
[email protected]<CR><LF>
[email protected]<CR><LF>
Regexp<TAB>^[email protected]\.(org|net|com)$<CR><LF>

Data Lifetime

The recipient list expressions are loaded by the ORF Service upon configuration initialization. The ORF Service does not monitor the text file for changes, so to apply changes made to the text file, you will need to re-initialize the configuration, which could be done by

  • saving the configuration in the Administration Tool, or
  • restarting the ORF service, or
  • issuing the following command in the ORF directory:
    orfeesvc -updateconfig

The first or third option are the best ways to proceed, as emails are not filtered by ORF while the service is restarted.

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