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Statistics Settings

This help section describes the Statistics settings available under SystemStatistics Settings in the navigation.

Enabling or disabling live statistics

Set the Enable live statistics checkbox to enable statistics.

Path for the statistics data file

Enter the path to the folder where the statistics data will be stored. By clicking the three-dots button or by pressing CTRL-SPACE in the edit box, you can select the path from a folder dialog.

Reset and start stopwatch automatically on configuration changes

Use this option to reset and start the Stopwatch counters of the statistics when the configuration is changed. This is the same behavior as in ORF versions prior 4.3.

Allow sending statistics anonymously to Vamsoft in email

Set this checkbox to send your ORF statistics automatically and anonymously in email to us in every 24 hours. We use these anonymous statistics reports to track the popularity and effectiveness of various DNS blacklists on our website.

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