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Server Bindings

The connection between the Microsoft® IIS SMTP Service and the ORF Service is provided by the ORF SMTP Module. This help section explains how to manage the SMTP Module server bindings.

Select SystemServer bindings in the navigation to manage the bindings.

Managing Server Bindings

Binding and removing

The list contains the available SMTP Virtual Servers on your system. Bind the ORF SMTP Module to an SMTP Virtual Server by setting the checkbox of the SMTP Virtual Server for the specific direction. To remove the binding, clear the checkbox.

What is the Inbound virtual server binding for?

The inbound virtual server is the server which accepts the emails coming from the Internet. Bind the ORF SMTP Module to this virtual server to filter incoming emails. Typically the inbound email server listens on port TCP/25 and may be the same as the outbound virtual server.

What is the Outbound virtual server binding for?

The Automatic Sender Whitelist of ORF monitors outgoing emails and builds a whitelist from the recipients of the outgoing emails. Bind the ORF SMTP Module to the virtual server which handles outgoing emails to allow this above feature to work. The outbound and inbound virtual server may be the same.

The Default SMTP Virtual Server

Typically you have only one virtual server on your system, called "Default SMTP Virtual Server". In this case, bind the SMTP Module to this server.

Applying the changes

Binding changes are applied when you reinitialize the ORF Service. The reinitialization can be triggered by saving the configuration manually after changes have been made in the Administration Tool by clicking the Save icon in the toolbar, or by selecting FileSave Configuration, or by pressing Ctrl + S or by issuing the following command from command line:

orfeesvc -updateconfig

The email filtering is uninterrupted during the reinitialization.

Why isn't this page shown under Exchange 2007 and later?

Under Microsoft® Exchange 2007 and newer Exchange versions, ORF does not use the ORF SMTP Module. Instead, it relies on a different technology called Transport Agents to integrate with Exchange.

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