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Keyword Whitelist

This test allows whitelisting emails that contain specific keywords or expressions in the email body or header, e.g., the name of your products, etc.

The configuration options of the feature are available under WhitelistsKeyword Whitelist in the navigation.

Using the Keyword Whitelist

Adding, modifying and deleting keywords

Click the New button to add a new keyword expression to the list. To modify an existing keyword, click Modify or hit Enter. Keywords can be deleted using the Delete button or the Delete key.

Sorting the keyword expression list

Click the column header of any column by which you wish to sort the keyword expression list. To reverse sorting, click the column header again.

Exporting and importing the keyword expressions

Right-click on the expression list and select "Import List..." or "Export List...". Alternatively, you can do this from the menu, select FileImportKeyword whitelist or FileExportKeyword whitelist.

Searching expressions in logs

Right-click on the list item or items and select "Search in logs..." to find log records that match the defined expression. Logs need to be loaded in the Log Viewer beforehand.

Using the Keyword Filter Properties Dialog

Please see the Keyword Filter Properties Dialog topic for details.

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