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Log and Events: Unix Syslog Settings

This section explains the Unix syslog log support in ORF and event settings.

General Information

This log device allows logging to syslog devices that are compatible with the BSD syslog standard (RFC 3164).

Events Tab

Enable syslog logging

Set this checkbox to enable logging to syslog devices.


Select events to be logged by their class, severity and filtering point.

Set the checkbox of an event category to be logged, e.g., set the "Log events with Error severity" if you want to log errors or set "On Arrival: Log when an email is blacklisted" if you want to log blacklisted emails at the On Arrival filtering point. Where noted, the specific event overrides the Info severity settings, i.e., if Info severity logging is disabled, but logging blacklisted emails at the On Arrival filtering point is enabled, the event will be logged even if its severity is Info.

Settings Tab

Send syslog messages to

Enter the destination syslog device here, by IP (preferred) or host name.

syslog facility

Select the syslog facility used by ORF log messages. By default, ORF uses facility 2 (mail system).

syslog tag

Enter the syslog tag used by ORF. By default, it is "ORFEE".

The BSD syslog standard limits a message packet size in 1024 bytes. If the event message packet size exceeds this limit, the packet is dropped and therefore the event is not logged.

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