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Email Address List Editor

This help file section describes the use of the email address list editor dialog of the ORF Administration Tool.

Using the Email Address List Editor

Adding, modifying and deleting addresses

Click the New button to add an address or address expression to the list. To alter an existing expression, click Modify or hit Enter. Expressions can be deleted using the Delete button or the Delete key.

Sorting the list

Click the column header of any column by which you wish to sort the email address list. To reverse sorting, click the column header again.

Exporting and importing the list

Right-click on the address list and select "Import List..." or "Export List...".

Searching expressions in logs

Right-click on the list item or items and select "Search in logs..." to find log records that match the defined expression. Logs need to be loaded in the Log Viewer beforehand.

Using the Email Address Expression Dialog

Use the Email Address Expression dialog to edit specific email addresses or email address expressions. Enter the address/mask expression to the Email Address / Mask edit box and test your expression using the Test Address edit box. If the address matches the mask, a green "Match" label appears on the right side.

Assigning a comment text in the Comment field is strongly recommended: it helps to identify the expression later in the Administration Tool and in the logs.

Create expression with help...

By clicking the plus icon button right to the expression box, you can invoke a dialog which will generate an expression based on the Expression scope of your choice:

Email address entered Selected scope Expression generated Matches
[email protected] All addresses in the domain and its subdomains .*@([^.]+\.)*domain\.com$ Matches [email protected] and [email protected]
[email protected] All addresses in the domain *@domain.com Matches [email protected] but does not match [email protected]
[email protected] Only the above address [email protected] Matches [email protected] only

Addresses, masks, regular expressions

Email addresses can be specified by the address itself / wildcard mask or Perl-compatible regular expressions. Select between the two modes by using the Email address or wildcard expression and the Regular expression (Perl-compatible) radio buttons.

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