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DNS Whitelist

This help section describes the DNS whitelist support in ORF.

About the DNS Whitelist Feature of ORF

DNS-based whitelist integration with Return Path, Inc.'s Sender Score™ system that helps reducing the false positive rate in spam filtering. Like a credit score, Return Path's Sender Score is an indication of the trustworthiness of an email source.

In other words, if the email sender IP is listed in the online list of ReturnPath, it is considered trusted and the email will be whitelisted as long as this test is enabled.

Learn more about Sender Score™ and Return Path's certification programs at http://www.senderscore.org/ and http://www.returnpath.net/.

Enabling or Disabling the DNS Whitelist Test

You can enable or disable the DNS Whitelist test by clicking the ON / OFF button on top of the WhitelistsDNS Whitelist page, or on the FilteringTests page.

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