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Creating Reports

Creating a New Report

Click on Create new report... in the Main Window (when no report is opened) or select FileNew Report... from the menu. In the dialog displayed (see below), specify the date range for which the report will be generated.

Creating reports


The Reporting Tool relies on ORF PowerLogs. When creating a new report, ORF looks for the Preprocessed PowerLog Files (files with .ppr extension) and the PowerLogs Reference File (plogrefs.dat).

Preprocessing of the PowerLog files is performed by the ORF Service, which preprocesses complete PowerLog files (.opg extension) only. As the log file for the current day is not considered complete, you will not have data for the current day.

Time Zone

PowerLogs work with the Universal Coordinated Time (UTC) time zone and due to this, the all dates and times in the Reporting Tool are meant in this UTC time zone, including the report range.

Data in Missing Periods

The Reporting Tool will allow generating reports even if there is a gap in the log data available (i.e., a preprocessed log file is missing). These gaps are treated as days with no emails.

Generating Reports from Multiple Servers

Unfortunately, currently you cannot generate a single report from log data from multiple servers.

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