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SPF Test Settings

This help section describes the SPF Test Settings dialog of ORF.

Evaluation Tab

Blacklist email on SPF "softfail"

SPF evaluation may end with a limited set of results. One of them is SPF "fail", which means that the sending host is explicitly forbidden from sending in the name of the sender domain. The SPF "softfail" result indicates that the sending host is suspicious and may not send in the domain. Enable this option to blacklist the email not only on SPF "fail", but on "softfail" as well.

Blacklist email on SPF "neutral" (for specific domains)

Some major domains have not progressed to SPF "softfail" or "fail" yet, but report SPF "neutral" on possible forgery attempts. SPF "neutral" states that the policy publisher neither permits, nor denies the sender as legitimate for the domain. Yet, you can expect SPF "pass" result from legitimate senders. By enabling this option and adding these domains to the list, you can still blacklist on SPF "neutral" from the domains listed.

Note that this explicitly overrides the intent of the policy publisher, so use this option very carefully.

Maximum check time

Control how much time ORF may spend with evaluating the SPF policy. As evaluation may require an excessive amount of DNS lookups, it is recommended to limit the maximum time to avoid email transmission timeouts.

Maximum number of recursions

SPF policies may contain references to other domain's SPF policy. This value controls the maximum number of embedded references to be followed.

Exceptions Tab

Sender Email Exceptions

Use this list to exclude specific senders from the SPF test by the sender email address or domain.

Sender IP Exceptions

Use this list to exclude specific senders from the SPF test by the sender IP address or network range.

Response Tab

Append EXP modifier results to the SMTP response

Some policy publishers add explanation (called the "EXP modifier") to their policy, which can be appended to the SMTP response sent on email rejection. Set this option to evaluate and append this modifier to the response. Consider that evaluating the EXP modifier requires performing additional DNS lookups, so it takes time and resources.

Log Tab

Always log SPF check results

Set this checkbox to log SPF evaluation results, even if the email was not blacklisted. The evaluation result appears in the log as a separate entry and logged only if the sender published an SPF policy.

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