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Local Paths

General Information

In case the managed ORF instance utilizes the Configuration Subscription feature and pulls its configuration from a publisher server, some local settings and file paths are overridden by the settings of the publisher server and can no longer be edited locally.

The local ORF instance can be configured to take control of some or all path settings using the Local Paths dialog, so the publisher file path settings can be overridden with local ones. This is useful if the files of ORF (logs, cached data, etc.) should be stored on different file paths on the locals server than the ones configured on the publisher server, or if the Exchange Replay Directory is located elsewhere on the publisher and subscriber servers.

The Local features dialog can be invoked by clicking the Local Paths button on the SystemConfiguration Subscription page.

Enabling Local Paths

Tick the Enable local paths checkbox to enable selected local settings to override the settings received from the publisher server. Enter the folder paths manually or select them by clicking the three dots (...).

You can also restore previously configured local paths (which have been overridden by the settings from the publisher) by clicking the Import... button.

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