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IP Blacklist

The IP blacklist allows you to blacklist emails from specific IP addresses or IP address ranges. This list is available under BlacklistsIP blacklist in the left navigation pane.

Enabling or Disabling the IP Blacklist

You can enable or disable the IP Blacklist test by clicking the ON / OFF button on top of the BlacklistsIP Blacklist page, or on the FilteringTests page.

Using the IP Blacklist

Adding, modifying and deleting addresses

Click the New button to add an IP address or IP address range to the list: this will invoke the IP Address Expression dialog. To modify an existing address definition, click Modify or hit Enter. IP address definitions can be deleted using the Delete button or the Delete key.

Testing against all IP blacklist entries

Click the Test button to invoke the Test IP Address Dialog, which can be used to quickly identify any entry matching the IP address you entered. This comes in handy if you want to identify which manually added entry blocked a legitimate sender (to avoid false positives in the future), or if you want to make sure your current entries do not blacklist a specific IP address.

For more information about this dialog, please consult the Test IP Address Dialog section.

Sorting the IP Blacklist

Click the column header of any column by which you wish to sort the domain list. To reverse sorting, click the column header again.

Exporting and importing the IP Blacklist

Right-click on the address list and select "Import list..." or "Export list..." Alternatively, you can do this from the menu by selecting FileImportIP Blacklist... or FileExportIP Blacklist....

Searching expressions in logs

Right-click on the list item or items and select "Search in logs..." to find log records that match the defined expression. Logs need to be loaded in the Log Viewer beforehand.


The IP Blacklist and the filtering points

Before Arrival, the IP address checked is the incoming SMTP connection remote peer IP address.

At the On Arrival filtering point, ORF analyzes the delivery path of the email, which is stored in the email header. During this analysis ORF determines the sender IP based on your Intermediate Host List settings: it tests the first non-Intermediate Host against the IP Blacklist.

For more information, see the Header Analysis and Intermediate Host List sections.

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