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Network Settings

General Information

The network settings dialog can be invoked by selecting FileNetwork settings from the main menu. These settings are global and apply to all tools of ORF (Administration Tool, Log Viewer and the Reporting Tool).

Startup Connection

Click the Edit... button to configure where the ORF tools should connect when you start them. They can be configured not to connect to any server on startup (default setting), or to connect to the local instance automatically, or to connect automatically to any remote server you specify. For more information about the latter option, see the Remote ORF Connection dialog topic.

If you choose the first option, the Connection startup page will be displayed again next time you start any of the tools, from which you can connect to the ORF instance of your choice.

Public Network Access

By default, ORF tries to connect to remote installations directly using an HTTP-based protocol (modified version of SOAP). If you are connecting to the remote server through a proxy, you should click the Edit... button, select the Connect using HTTP proxy option and enter the proxy parameters. For more information, see the Proxy Settings page.

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