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Auto Sender Whitelist

This help section describes the Auto Sender Whitelist feature of ORF. Configuration of this feature is available under the WhitelistsAuto Sender Whitelist page in the navigation.

General Information

The Auto Sender Whitelist monitors your outgoing emails and builds a sender whitelist from the recipients of the outgoing emails. When the recipient of the outgoing email replies, the incoming email will be excluded from blacklist tests and allowed through. This self-learning feature helps to reduce administration costs and lowers the number of false positives.

Enabling or Disabling the Auto Sender Whitelist

You can enable or disable the Auto Sender Whitelist test by clicking the ON / OFF button on top of the WhitelistsAuto Sender Whitelist page, or on the FilteringTests page in the navigation.

Using the Auto Sender Whitelist

Database button

See the Database Settings Dialog topic.

Settings button

See the Auto Sender Whitelist Settings Dialog topic.


Server bindings

When ORF is installed on a Microsoft® Exchange 2007 (or later) server, no additional actions are required to detect outbound emails.

Under IIS SMTP, the ORF SMTP Module has to be bound to an outbound email server to get this feature to work (so ORF can monitor outgoing emails). Find more information about managing bindings in the Server Bindings topic.

Filtering point assignments

It is recommended to assign the Auto Sender Whitelist to both filtering points. If a filtering point has no blacklists assigned, it makes little sense to run the Auto Sender Whitelist test (since no test can block the email), but considering possible future configuration changes, it is safer to keep it assigned to both.

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