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ORF can perform different actions when an email fails on a blacklist test. These actions can be configured on the FilteringActions page.

Before Arrival vs. On Arrival

Due to the unique, dual filtering model of ORF, emails can be tested at two stages of the SMTP transport: Before Arrival and On Arrival.

Before Arrival

At the Before Arrival filtering point, the only possible action upon blacklisting is rejection: the email cannot be tagged or forwarded, as it has not arrived yet. Rejection means your server will tell the sender server the email cannot be delivered to recipient by sending an SMTP response code and text. The sender will either give up or try another recipient address.

Note that Before Arrival tests are performed per recipient and not per email: if an email has multiple recipients, it is possible that for some the email will be rejected, for others, it won't be.

For more information about the configurable parameters of Before Arrival rejections, see the Before Arrival Action Settings topic.

On Arrival

At the On Arrival filtering point, the entire email is at the disposal of ORF, so blacklisting does not necessarily mean rejection. The email could also be tagged (subject and/or header) and redirected.

For more information about the configurable actions of On Arrival blacklistings, see the On Arrival Action Settings topic.

If you have Exchange 2007 x64 (or a later Exchange version), you can use the actions available at On Arrival to redirect blacklisted emails to the Junk folder of each recipient for further review. For more information, read our article.

Demo Mode

When ORF is running in Demo Mode, it works exactly the same way it would in "normal" mode, except no email blacklist actions are actually performed. Emails do not get rejected, tagged or redirected, but the blacklist test results are logged and can be monitored using the Log Viewer and the Reporting Tool. In other words, by using Demo Mode you can check what ORF would have done to incoming emails without affecting the flow of incoming emails.

Enabling Demo Mode

Set the Enable Demo Mode check box to enable Demo Mode.

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