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The ORF Administration Tool is an ORF component which allows configuring and monitoring the ORF system.

ORF Administration Tool Window

The image below is a screenshot of the Administration Tool.

ORF Administration Tool

ORF Administration Tool screenshot

Visual components

  1. Main Window
    The window above.
  2. Menu bar
    The menu in the upper left corner of the Main Window.
  3. Tool links
    Shortcuts to launch the Log Viewer and the Reporting Tool.
  4. Toolbar
    Shortcuts to frequently used functions of the Administration Tool, like saving the current configuration, connecting to a local or remote ORF instance, network settings, and invoking the ORF Help. Notifications about various events and errors are also indicated on this toolbar. If the Administration Tool is used to manage a local ORF instance, the service control shortcuts are also available on this toolbar.
  5. Connection status
    Shows which ORF instance the Administration Tool is currently connected to (local or remote).
  6. Navigation
    The navigation control on the left side of the Main Window.
  7. Admin Page
    The area on the right side of the Navigation.

Keyboard navigation

Similar to browsers, the Administration Tool supports navigating back and forth between pages. For this functionality, you can use the navigation buttons of your keyboard, or keyboard shortcuts (Backspace / Shift-Backspace; ALT-arrow; ALT-Home).

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