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Searching the Logs

The Log Viewer offers advanced search capabilities in the loaded log files. This help section describes use of the search options.

Find Dialog

Select ViewFind... or press CTRL-F to display the Find dialog.

You can search the contents of every visible column of the Event View. The default search scope is to search in any visible columns, but it can be limited to specific columns.

Click the Find Next button to start searching for a matching event. The matching event gets into the focus when found. By repeated the Find Next button clicks, you can continue the search from the last matching event. If no more matching events are found, a dialog box is displayed with the message "Finished searching the log".

Finding events

Enter the text expression that you are looking for to the Expression edit box and select the appropriate text matching options, like case sensitivity or word matching. These options are displayed after clicking the Advanced button.

To find log events by regular expressions, switch the expression type to Regular Expression (Perl-compatible) mode and enter the search expression (See also: Regular Expressions in ORF).

Search scope

Select the column to be searched from the "Find in Column" dropdown box. You can search in a specific column or any visible columns.


The search starts from the active event. You can select between forward and backward search directions, this is meant relatively from the active event.

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