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Recipient Validation Source: Active Directory

This help section describes the Active Directory source of the Recipient Validation Test.

Directory Tab

Detect LDAP root automatically

Select this option to detect the LDAP directory root automatically. This option works only on domain member computers.

Use the LDAP root specified below

Select this option to manually configure the LDAP root. Use this when you run ORF on a non-domain member computer or when you want to manually set the path to start the search from.

LDAP root

Enter the LDAP path, for example:


If you have multiple domains, using the LDAP path of the Global Catalog server is recommended:


Make sure not to add any trailing slashes in such cases.

Authentication Tab

Use authentication

Set this checkbox to use custom user credentials to authenticate with the AD server. May be required on non-domain member computers.

User name and password

Enter the user name and password for authentication here. Note that the user name format required may depend on your AD settings, for example, it can be DOMAIN\user, domain@user or user.

Test Tab

Enter an email address to be tested against the currently configured LDAP path and press the Lookup button. Using this feature enables you to quickly check whether a recipient exist or not in the Active Directory, and also helps in troubleshooting Active Directory connection problems.


Exchange Edge Transport server

Note that this validation source is not available under Exchange Edge Transport Server, but these will validate the recipients on protocol level like ORF would do. However, the DHA Protection Test will not work on Edge due to the above.

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