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Microsoft Exchange Settings

This help section describes the settings available under the SystemMicrosoft® Exchange page in the left navigation pane.

Replay Directory Path

Enter the path to the Microsoft Exchange 2007 (or later) Replay Directory. Click the Detect button to get current Exchange setting.

Make sure that this path stored in ORF is always in sync with the Exchange settings.

ORF uses the Replay Directory to submit email copies to whitelisted recipients in specific cases. If this the path is out of sync, the whitelisted recipients may not get the emails. Email notifications and statistics reports are also submitted using the Replay folder, so these will not work either.

SMTP Submission Fallback

Since the Replay Directory is not available on Microsoft® Exchange 2013 (or later) Client Access servers, ORF requires an SMTP server to be configured in order to send email notifications and statistics reports. By default, ORF attempts to send such emails using the local host on port 25, but you can also specify another server and port manually by using the Use custom fallback server option. Make sure the configured server has an SMTP Receive connector available.

This parameter is configurable if ORF is installed to a standalone Client Access servers only (i.e., no Mailbox role available).

In case the CAS server utilizes the Configuration Subscription feature and subscribes to another (non-CAS) publisher server configuration, the default SMTP fallback settings will apply. If you want to specify another SMTP fallback server, the feature must be localized first (SystemConfiguration Subscription page, Local Features button, Microsoft Exchange® must be set to Local).

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