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Exit Codes and Actions

This help section describes the Exit Codes and Actions dialog.

Using the Exit Codes and Actions Dialog

Command-line executables linked to ORF as External Agents return their test results as exit codes when they finished testing the incoming email. You can assign different actions to these exit codes (e.g., drop the email on hit).

Exit code or ranges

Enter the exit code or codes to this field. You can specify multiple codes by separating them with commas. Code ranges can be defined as start-end, e.g., 1-32. Open-ended ranges are supported for the higher end only, e.g., 32-, but not -32. Example: 1, 4, 8-32, 64-

Exit code category

Can be either Hit or Error. Hit should be used when ORF has to perform an action due to the agents response (e.g., a virus was found by the agent) and Error should be used for logging purposes only, although you are free to perform an action on an error as well (e.g., tag the email subject with [ERROR]).


Enter an optional comment here which will be logged when a hit on the above exit code occurs (this includes errors).

Execute the action below

Set this checkbox to execute an action when a hit occurs on the exit code. Note that normally you should not execute an action on an Error.

Use agent default action / Use custom action

Select which action to perform.

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