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The ORF Reporting Tool is a component of ORF which allows creating, viewing and printing reports about the activity of ORF.

Feature Introduction

Find a brief introduction of ORF Reporting Tool features below. To learn more about the features, visit the See Also link at the bottom of each feature introduction.

Creating, opening and saving reports

You can generate reports for arbitrary periods of time and save the reports for later use.

See Also: Creating Reports | Opening and Saving Reports

Printing reports

Reports can be printed from the Reporting Tool for archiving or sharing the reports.

See Also: Printing Reports


The Reporting Tool relies on ORF PowerLogs. When generating a report, ORF looks for the Preprocessed PowerLog Files (files with .ppr extension) and the PowerLogs Reference File (plogrefs.dat). It is not possible to generate reports from the regular ORF log files, because they do not contain enough information for reporting.

Sharing Reports

The Reporting Tool stores the reports in its own proprietary format, thus if you want to share a report with someone else, the Reporting Tool must be installed on the recipient's computer. Alternatively, you can print the report on paper or into an Adobe PDF file—there are a few freeware products available on the Internet that allow printing from any programs into Adobe PDF format.

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