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Test IPs Found in URLs Against Online DNS Blacklists

| Last activity: 5 years ago
ORF currently checks only the IP (where the email was sent from) against online DNS Blacklists. This new option would allow checking IPs found in URLs as well.

Different Attachment Filtering Ruleset for Whitelisted Emails

| Last activity: 6 years ago
Currently, Attachment filtering can be configured to test whitelisted emails, but only a single set of rules can be configured for both whitelisted and non-whitelisted emails. A different ruleset for whitelisted emails would provide a finer control over attachments.

Common Test Exception Model

| Last activity: more than 10 years ago
Allow defining exceptions for every ORF test by the sender email address, related IP address and the recipient address (in addition to the current exceptions).

DONE Log Temporary Email File Name for External Agents

| Last activity: 3 years ago
ORF writes the email into a temporary file before it is passed to External Agents. Add the name of this temporary file to the logged ORF event. This would help identifying the email when an External Agent has its own logs, but does not support logging other properties (such as the Message-ID).
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