Feature Requests

DONE Do Not Greylist Email on SPF Pass

| Last activity: more than 10 years ago
Add option to skip the Greylisting test if the sender passes the SPF test (SPF Pass result).

DONE Windows Server 2008 R2 IIS SMTP Support

| Last activity: more than 10 years ago
Add support for using ORF with the Internet Information Services (IIS) SMTP Service on Windows Server 2008 R2, instead of just Exchange 2007/2010.

DONE Reject Emails Sent to Disabled Recipient Addresses

| Last activity: 3 years ago
Currently, the Active Directory-based Recipient Validation of ORF blacklists emails sent to non-existent recipients in the Active Directory. By implementing this feature, ORF would reject incoming emails for existent, but disabled recipient addresses as well.

DONE Test Mode per ORF Test

| Last activity: 4 months ago
Add the ability to run specific list items (e.g. DNS Blacklists, Keyword Blacklist expressions, External Agents) in "test mode". In this mode, ORF would only log hits on these tests, without actually perform any action. This would allow studying e.g. new DNS Blacklists, Keyword Blacklist items or External Agents.
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