Feature Requests

Add BCC Recipient Addresses to Emails

| Last activity: 1 year ago
Normally, BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) recipients are not recorded in emails anywhere. Add a new option to ORF that records the original envelope recipient list (which includes the local BCC'd recipients) to the email header as e.g. X-Envelope Recipients: Recipient1;Recipient2, etc.

Per Domain Reports

| Last activity: 9 years ago
Add support for generating separate reports for individual recipient domains. For instance, if ORF filters for domains a.com and b.com, allow generating separate reports for both a.com and b.com.

Allow Storing ORF Databases in the Cloud (e.g. Azure, Amazon)

| Last activity: more than 10 years ago
Add support for storing the databases of ORF (as of writing this, these are the Auto Sender Whitelist and the Greylisting databases) in the cloud, using e.g. Microsoft® Azure or Amazon SimpleDB™. This would allow low-cost sharing the databases without switching to Microsoft® SQL Server (or its free Express edition).

Log Email Delivery Path IPs

| Last activity: more than 10 years ago
Add a new, optional column to the ORF log which would contain the entire email delivery path (IP addresses), with marking what IP addresses ORF actually checked.
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