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I have "Error EABSException cleaning up expired database items. Database: (Auto Sender Whitelist | Greylisting | Honeypot | DHA)" error messages in the ORF logs. What should I do?

Article was last updated on April 26, 2013. View products that this article applies to.

Most likely your database file got corrupted (see this article regarding the fix). Such problem may occur if too many emails are flowing through your server (e.g., sending out huge amounts of newsletters), which the embedded database engine of ORF cannot handle (see Which database is best for me? in the related Help topic for more information).

To solve the problem permanently, it is strongly recommended to switch to an External SQL database: setup instructions can be found in our guides. Once the SQL database is set up, you can migrate all data from the Private Local Database files using the Database Converter Tool.

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