We are happy to announce the public beta release of next ORF update. ORF 6.6 adds support to a new protocol called Authenticated Received Chain (ARC) which can help administrators resolve and investigate email authentication issues. This release also fixes some minor bugs found in previous versions.

Read on to learn what's changed and get the new beta.

What's New?


The new version supports using the Authenticated Received Chain (ARC), an email authentication system designed to allow intermediate servers to convey the email's original authentication results in a verifiable format, which allows receiving systems to validate the email even if it fails the SPF, DKIM and DMARC checks.

NEW: ARC Signing

Preserving the email authentication results within a digitally signed ARC set can help you and other ARC-enabled downstream message handlers avoid false-positives and identify handling paths that have broken authentication.

NEW: Exchange Transport Agent

A third transport agent has been introduced which is responsible for adding digital signatures to incoming messages when ARC Signing is enabled.

CHANGE: Pending Submissions item handling

Items sent from the Log Viewer to blacklists, whitelists and exception lists are no longer used by the ORF service immediately.

CHANGE: New category in the navigation bar

The settings pages of the DMARC, DKIM and SPF tests have been moved to a new category called "Authentication".

BUGFIX: Unexpected SPF Test error

Rather than ignoring the email, the SPF Test ended with an error when the following two conditions were met: the sender was excluded from the SPF check and the SPF Test was allowed to run at the Before Arrival filtering point.

BUGFIX: IPv6 scope-id parsing error

Link-local (intranet) IPv6 addresses ending with a scope-id were not recognized as valid IPv6 addresses, which caused benign errors on systems where IP-based tests were allowed to run at the Before Arrival filtering point.

Further minor changes and improvements



Be sure to read the Installation Notes before installing the beta version.

ORF Fusion

for Microsoft® Exchange and IIS SMTP Service
version 6.6 BETA 03
released on September 1, 2021
expires on October 14, 2021
size 12.8MB
Download System requirements

A separate download of the ORF management tools is available below. Install this package on workstations to manage ORF remotely. Note that management tools are included in the full installer packages above (for local management).

ORF 6.6 Beta R03 Management Tools-only Installer

The 6.6 Management Tools are not backward compatible. You can only manage ORF 6.6 installations with the 6.6 Management Tools package. Side-by-side installation of 5.x or 6.x Management Tools is currently not available.

Installation Notes

Please consider that this is pre-release software and may contain bugs. Install the beta for testing purposes only.


When upgrading from an existing ORF installation, make sure to create a configuration backup prior the upgrade, as described by the Configuration Backup Guide. If you need to revert back to the previous version, this backup can be used to restore your previous version quickly.

Important Exit from the Windows Event Viewer MMC before the upgrade (see this FAQ article).

Known Issues

The list below contains the issues that we know about the current beta release. This list is maintained during the lifetime of the beta; be sure to check back here before reporting an issue. Issue severity levels are explained in the FAQ.

Severity Issue

Increased RAM usage

Noticeable above 100K emails on certain systems (the issue is being investigated).

Some website links may not work

A few links pointing to our website from ORF and its help system will not be available until the final release of ORF.

ORF Beta Issue History

The list below contains the issues that have been fixed since the R01 beta release.


A dedicated support forum is available for the beta version. Please use this forum for technical support and bug reports. Registration is not required.

Go to forum ⇾

Reporting bugs

When reporting bugs, please share any information with us that you consider important for reproducing the bug. A few tips on what we might need:

When sensitive information (such as logs) needs to be shared, please send these to [email protected].

You can report issues of all severity, even the smallest things like typos or grammatical errors.


What are the limitations of the beta version?

The beta release is fully functional and contains all planned features. It is also time-limited and the current release will expire on October 14, 2021. We will release either the final version or another beta release before the above date.

What do the different issue severity levels mean?

We define four simple levels for issue severity.

Cosmetic issues are harmless and do not affect any functionality. These are typically typos, grammar mistakes and other interface issues.

Minor issues render some functionality of ORF broken, but they are generally harmless and do not affect the overall operation of the product.

Medium severity issues cause an important ORF functionality to be broken. If you rely on the affected functionality, you may not be able to use the beta until a fix is released.

Major issues affect the overall reliability of the software. If such issue is published, you are recommended to stop using the beta until a fix is released. Make sure to read the description to understand the risks.

Unknown severity is assigned to issues where the scope of the issue has not been determined yet.

Setup says "DeleteFile failed; code 5.", how do I fix this?

You may receive "DeleteFile failed; code 5. Access denied." error from the Setup regarding orfeesvc.exe when updating an existing ORF installation.

This is caused by a program that locks the Windows Event Log message resource embedded in the ORF Service binary orfeesvc.exe. The typical offenders are the Windows Event Viewer MMC and software that uses WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) for reading the Windows event log.

To fix this problem, exit from the Event Viewer MMC and click "Retry". If the file is still locked, shut down any software temporarily which monitors the Windows event log and try again.

If the above does not help, go to the ORF installation directory and rename orfeesvc.exe to orfeesvc.bak, then click "Retry".

Can you add Feature X?

We are happy to hear your suggestions and they may make it into a future ORF version.

What are the system requirements of ORF Beta?

The system requirements have not changed since the last ORF release. Check the current system requirements here.

The Management Tools package can be installed on any modern Windows desktop OS (Windows XP or later).

Just how stable is the beta?

Early ORF releases were tested in-house by Vamsoft developers for weeks on various platforms. Due to this, we expect that most issues that may arise will be lightweight.

Be sure to visit the beta forums every once in a while, we will publish any bug reports there. You can also subscribe to the RSS feed of the beta forum.

Can I upgrade to the new beta from ORF X.X?

Yes, the beta setup is fully backward compatible and will update any earlier ORF Fusion or Enterprise Edition release.

Will I be able to upgrade to the final version from the beta?

Yes, you will be able to upgrade from the beta in-place.

How do I revert to ORF X.X?

You can revert by uninstalling ORF Beta and installing a previous ORF version. Once the installation is complete, restore the configuration backup you made previously (see the Configuration Backup Guide).

When is the final version expected?

It depends on the beta test progress. We are committed to release a stable ORF version to our clients, so the final release can be expected only once the preview release reaches a reasonable level of reliability.

Will I get ORF free of charge upon its final release?

Your subscription guarantees access to any new ORF releases within the validity period — this includes ORF 6.6. Be sure not to let your subscription expire and you will get the new ORF at no additional cost.

Where do I get more information?

Contact our Customer Service, we are happy to answer any questions you may have.